Parents Handbook
School Procedures

Insurance / Safety

In case of an accident here at school, any expense that is not covered under the parents personal insurance the school’s policy will cover. Utmost precautions are taken to prevent accidents. First Aid is administered to all minor injuries.  An accident report is written and placed in the child’s file. Parents will be notified of accidents. Every child in our preschool program will need to wear play clothes so he or she can have fun. We suggest no overalls; they are much too difficult for the children to remove for toileting. We are especially safety-conscious about our children on the playground. Any open-toed sandal, flip-flops, crocs, clogs, baseball cleats and boots with hard heels are not permitted. These particular shoes can easily get caught on the climbing equipment and allow sand and wood chips to get in between their toes which causes discomfort. We suggest no expensive jewelry to be worn; the school will not be responsible for lost jewelry during school hours. Let’s keep your child’s needs in mind when you dress them each day.


In order to maintain a healthy classroom environment, please keep your child at home if he or she shows any of the following symptoms: runny nose (with yellow or green mucus), bad cough, fever, rash, vomiting, diarrhea or other signs of illness. If your child has a runny nose due to being diagnosed with allergies, a signed note from the doctor is required.

If you are called during the school day to pick up a sick child, please make arrangements to do so promptly, as the school office is used as an isolation ward. If a child shows any of the above symptoms, either a doctor’s note or a minimum of 24 hours free from the problem is necessary for a child to return to school. If a child has major surgery he/she cannot return to school until a release form, signed by the physician, is given to the director and placed in the child’s file.


Medicine that is prescribed by a Doctor may be given only if a medical permission form has been put on file in the office. NO TEACHER CAN ADMINISTER MEDICINE WITHOUT THIS FORM.


Children are served nutritional snacks, along with a beverage. If you would like to provide a snack for your classroom, please contact your child’s teacher in advance. This will prevent perishable snacks such as fruit, vegetables, etc… from spoiling if they have planned ahead of time.


Birthdays can be celebrated in the classrooms if the parent wants it celebrated at the school. Parents should contact the teacher to discuss the time of the party, what to bring, etc. We ask that NO balloons or candles be brought to parties because of the safety factor. Remember, no homemade items are permitted for snacks; this is a policy of the Department of Children and Families.  All food must be prepackaged, store bought, or prepared in the church’s kitchen. We are also a peanut free school. Children not enrolled at FUMP cannot attend parties.


The preschool does not furnish transportation. We must be notified with a dated written note if someone will pick up your child other than the persons that you have indicated on the registration form. We are willing to work with you on this, but refuse to give your child to someone we do not know without specific permission from you. This is for your child’s protection.

Show and Tell

Show and tell will be different in each age level. The teachers will let you know, through the newsletter or other written communication, if they will be having show and tell and when it will take place. Small toys, books, etc. can be brought to share on show and tell days. Nature items are welcome any day of the week. Please no guns, knives toys of that nature.


Age level newsletters will come home once a month and posted outside the classrooms.

Field Trips and Outings

Each age level goes on a field trip during the school year. The preschool does not transport children at anytime. Your teacher will let you know the destination of the field trip and you will meet them there with your child. The teachers will let you know if siblings are permitted; depending on the field trip. DEFINITION OF SIBLING: ANY CHILD (BROTHER/SISTER) OF AN ENROLLED STUDENT. Throughout the year teachers enjoy taking their class on outings, such as nature walks around the school’s campus.

Chapel Time

We will have chapel in the church sanctuary on Thursdays from 8:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. Parents, siblings and family members are always welcomed to join us for this special time.  Bible stories, songs and prayer time are held everyday in the classrooms.