Parents Handbook
Ways Parents can Help

Make yourself aware of all school policies.

Read the parent handbook, newsletters and any other form of communication that comes home with your child from the Director or teacher.

Help your child attend preschool regularly; only missing when they are sick.

Read to and talk with your child on a daily basis.

Take time to listen to what your child has to say.

Attend all parent meetings.

Communicate assurance of love to your child regardless of his or her pace of learning.

Teach your child self-reliance by encouraging him or her to do some things for themselves. Allow them plenty of time to accomplish the task. Teach them to put on, take off and hang up their things. Teach them to put away their toys, eat regularly and properly and to establish regular routines for bedtime.

When you bring your child to school the first several weeks, here are some tips to help with that transition. First tell your child what you will be doing while he or she is at school and that you will be back soon to pick them up. Leave the campus and call the preschool office within an hour, if you are concerned, and we will check on your child and let you know how they are doing. It is very important not to prolong drop off time if your child is upset. It will make it much harder on your child.

Appreciate your child’s art and class work he or she brings home. Parent comments such as “Tell me about it,” is a great way to show you are interested in his or her work. Praise your child’s efforts. It helps build self-confidence.

Take an interest in your child’s experiences. Help your child develop a wholesome, friendly attitude toward his or her teacher.

Do not judge the value of your child’s preschool experience by the number of pieces of paper they bring home each day.

Confer with the teacher about your child, but refrain from discussing the child in his or her presence. Work with the teacher concerning any problems that may arise. Report any upsetting experiences that you think will help the teacher understand your child better. Notify the school of any situation at home, which could affect your child’s behavior.

Enjoy and love your child each day; as they truly are a gift from God.